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Since its founding, Atesora Group ® has worked with over two hundred clients of all types and sectors (technology, banking and insurance, distribution, health, industry, IT, energy, consumption, consulting, etc.)

We are convinced that our identity is also nourished -and will continue nourishing- from the experiences that we share with our clients every day, because both learn during our interaction. Faithfull to our philosophy of partnership and support, we are proud to say that we continue to collaborate with the vast majority of them today, and that, beyond the success and productivity, we have made great friends with both those that hired us as well as with those who participated in our programs.

Customer testimonials

We hereby present the testimonies of some of our most distinguished customers. We have asked them to share their experience with us, no guidelines or pre messages. They know better than anyone our style, methodology and effectiveness, and thus they are our flag and also our most effective marketing tool.

Your opinion about Atesora Group ®

"To celebrate the new design of the ATESORA website I’d like to take this opportunity to leave my testimony on the successful collaboration that we have had for over 6 years.There have been several projects that ATESORA have carried out for Siemens during this time and I would like to highlight their great capacity for listening and understanding the needs of our multi-sector business. That was their first major valuable difference.

I would like to detail the project that we have started to work on with Atesora, Mentor Training, because it has the largest organizational depth, through it, and led by Jorge Salinas along with his team, we prepare many of our senior managers for an unknown role for them so far, that of mentor.They learned, from the patience and sensitivity of the consultants of ATESORA, how to apply the GROW model and how to formulate mirror-questions. Definitely, ATESORA, helped us initiate a new model of leadership and this learning is still maintained alive through the internal training of our mentors.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that as with every great project, we also went through growing pains of selling the project internally. In this situation, Jorge and his team closed ranks with HR, they committed to our company, our project and we overcame the initial reluctance with great skill.

It was a great experience working with ATESORA. Highly recommended.

Javier Conde

Director of Talent Development Southwest Europe, Talent Acquisition, Labor Relations, Health & Safety

“What makes you, ATESORA unique are the PEOPLE that you have built and developed, and also the personal contact that I have always received from you. Being with you, in my opinion, is always synonymous with LEARNING.

You have helped us, among other things, to training our Mentors - Tutors. These were people who already had experience in this role, but your EXPERENTIAL APPROACH, so characteristic of you, the professionalism of the course facilitators and of the course content, ensured that the learning continued until the last minute.

Moreover, the CONFIDENCE you make us feel in working with you is something we highly value. We know that you give your best, and that you are EXPERTS in the services you offer.

From the first meeting I felt that you adapt to what we most need, it really matters for you what we want and how we want it in order to generate, with FLEXIBILITY, a proposal that really fits what we need. The RELATIONSHIP with you is full of confidence, I feel that you care for us, that you become our allies so that everything goes well and you are also interested in what happens after your interventions, encouraging us to continue working and that we don’t stop there."

Susana Sagi-Vela

Senior Manager, HR

"The approach of the Leader-coach - 232 ® Program and its execution gives an immediate and effective application in people management for managers. It is a comprehensive program that provides the tools and skills managers require in their professional capacity.

Beyond the mastery of content and tools, the ability of the facilitators to engage emotionally with the group generates a context and a work environment that leverages each activity and each moment. People open up and share their experience in a way difficult to imagine before the program.

I would highlight the overall approach of the program, which allows not only to provide techniques and tools, but also to deepen the self-knowledge of the person through the MBTI and FB 360 tools, linking self-knowledge to team management in a simple but very effective way. "

Josu Urcelay

Director of Training and Development

"The Team Coaching process that I had the opportunity to organize and based on the support that the Atesora team gave me, I would highlight various aspects:

During the preparation phase we had the opportunity to share several conversations that served to convey the situation which we wanted to work on and what the objectives of the sessions were. For me, the preparation was one of the greatest successes of the process given the fact that it allowed bothparties to understand what the situation was, and how to choose and agree what will be the tools to use.

Another success was the involvement of the coach in the project; integrating himself quickly in the dynamics of the group and facilitating additional sessions, to what we previously planned, in order to follow the achievement of the set objectives.

I would also highlight the selection of the dynamics/tools used during the sessions that we put into practice as the participants were getting more and more prepared, given the fact that occasionally they were challenging!

Therefore, it is about a process that exceeded my expectations and that contributed to a very positive improvement of the functionality of the department and of the relationships within the team.

Miguel Gutiérrez

Commercial Planning and Trade Marketing Director.

“We started to work with Atesora in 2014 in a “Young Talents” Program in the company, and from the first moment they clearly observed the needs and the objective of the development that we were aiming for throughout Mentoring.

Today, two years later, they proved with progress their knowledge and their implication throughout the program. The achieved results provided a noticeable efficacy improvement and the relationship both at a professional and personal level, is absolutely satisfactory”

Mariano García Perucha

Recruitment Division, Training and Development Director

“From the first moment, before counting on the process of executive coaching, I could clearly perceive the professionalism of Atesora. Its only objective, above the commercial interest, is the success of the process.

They explained to me clearly, not only the process, but also, the indispensable conditions, so that it would be successful and also their commitment (important to highlight confidentiality, which is specially important). I could feel that it was not only me that evaluated their professional capacity but they were also assessing whether there were the correct conditions to accept the professional assignment.

Before staring the process, we jointly defined the target objectives, the necessary factors (availability and time) and the commitment of everyone involved.

From there, the spirit of professionalism and honesty was maintained throughout the process, allowing both respect for the key elements, such as adaptation to the logical characteristics of each person.

After three years of finishing the process, I want to emphasize as a great benefit of the program, the significant increase in the inner serenity I have when I face situations and decisions in highly complex and pressure environments. This benefit, by its very nature, is applicable not only professionally but also the staff can attest to it. "

Ignacio Garbayo

Finance Director


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