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Atesora Group ®

Atesora Group ® is a company born to accompany organizations and professionals in situations of change, development and transformation.

To increase even more the effectiveness of our services and their deployment at a global level, we have organized ourselves into five specialized companies:

Our identity


Atesora Group ® is a company founded to accompany organizations and professionals in situations of change, development and transformation. We are confident that organizations evolve and grow fueled by people acting from their human condition. All behavior within the business environment is the result of putting into practice the values and the individual and shared beliefs.

The team of Atesora Group ®, is formed by executive coaches, facilitators, consultants and experts in leadership with human knowledge, but also experience and expertise. These qualities help organizations to transform their intentions into action plans, to seduce the talent of their collaborators, to develop their leadership teams and achieve professional transition.


The foundation of Atesora

Atesora was founded by its current President, Jorge Salinas, with the mission of providing services in the field of coaching – a very innovative discipline that begun to be implemented in Organizations at that moment-and accompanied professionals during periods of transition in their careers.

Atesora was born with the belief that walking together we can go further. So we do not pretend to be simple service providers. We aim to become allies of our clients, to be the reference that sometimes they need in order to achieve extraordinary development, or to overcome difficult moments.

Joining Arbóra

Atesora joins Arbora – the world’s largest network of outplacement, career management and leadership development services organizations – as its exclusive partner in Spain, having enjoyed an excellent, rewarding and fruitful partnership for a decade (the partnership came to an end in December 2016).

Atesora merge

Atesora merged and absorbs the company Coaching de Ventas, S.L., founded in 2001 and active in the areas of executive coaching, coaching applied to the commercial function and personal productivity. Jaime Bacás, its founder, joins as a partner of Atesora.

Transformation in Atesora Group ®

Throughout this ten year journey, the project has been enriched with the addition of people who have allowed us to experience both the pleasure of growing together as well as the huge challenge of fighting side by side for some difficult years. Although these may have tested our strength, they have also strengthened our will and cohesion.

Atesora changes its structure and becomes Atesora Group ®, in order to deepen and accelerate the development of its various activities at a global level and simultaneously strengthen the value proposition of its solutions.

To this end, Atesora organizes its services in five companies, on one hand by taking advantage of the know–how and expertise developed and accumulated over a decade and on the other hand each of these have the opportunity to express themselves in accordance to the various opportunities present in the markets that they serve.

Our Staff team

Jorge Salinas

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"We live in the world that we create with our language and through the outcome of the questions we ask ourselves "

Jorge is from Granada and he is an affable, open and empathetic person. The trust and closeness that he generates is his best introduction. As he says "the dance of seduction" in communication stems from our openness and attention to others.

He worked twelve years in the pharmaceutical industry before being attracted by the "chemistry of human development" and therefore assuming senior management responsibilities in three HR multinational companies.

In 2004, he decided to put into practice his vision of building a life more aligned with his values and created Atesora, which is President, and Lider-haz-GO! (www.lider-haz-go.es), professional coaching school.

ICF MCC (Master Certified Coach) and AECOP Senior Coach , being recognized as one of the 10 best Spanish coaches (www.toptenbusinessexperts.com), he is a frequent speaker at congresses and a facilitator for university masters and in business schools.

Author of “The girl with eyes the colour of my swimming pool”, first speaker of “the novel coaching ” genre and published by Planet, and co-author of “Stripping the manager´s soul”, he rehearsed in the practice of top management coaching.

Jaime Bacás

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"You can’t change others, but when you change the world changes "

Optimistic, strategist, innovative. Interested in creating value and differentiation. Humour is a nuclear ingredient in his life. He could leave it with the feeling of having lived what he desired and that makes him feel complete and at peace.

He studied Chemistry at the Complutense University of Madrid and during the following twenty years he developed his career in multinational companies in the Health Care sector, assuming management responsibilities in companies such as Becton Dickinson (USA), Smith & Nephew (UK) and Laboratoires Fournier (FR). Meanwhile he studied an Executive MBA at INSEAD.

He discovered executive coaching at the turn of the century and when it became clear to him what he wanted to dedicate himself to thereafter. He created the Coaching de Ventas company, he was involved in the creation of Lider- Haz -GO! and then he created Productividad Personal.

Jaime considers himself a privileged person because he enjoys what he does: coaching to accompany the development of others and eventually he facilitates management development programs.

He writes articles and he knows that he still has pending to write his first book.

He joined Atesora as a partner in 2011 to promote and coordinate the business development.

He likes to learn, to have a good chat with friends and a cubata, to travel, the cinema and the sea. He admires Francisco.

His biggest joy are his two sons, Jordi and Jaime.

Miquel Pocurull

General Director
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“However expert you may be on any area, you have not acquired the matter until you put it into practice"

Rooted Catalan and adoptive from Madrid, Miquel is a calm, confident and optimistic person. He enjoys good conversations with his friends deepening in daily situations. He is a happy father to see his two children grow up and who facilitates them to discover the world.

He is a vocational psychologist and even he has his Degree, he has developed his long professional career in the Sales area (Mobile Phone sector). He started when the 2G Technology began, working at Nokia in different sales positions and responsibilities. After this, and as an Entrepreneur in a Startup of cool gadgets and mobile accessories, is where he has learned to have a more holistic vision of the management of a Company. He is passionate about the sector as he is amazed about how people adapt to new ways of communication promoted by New Technologies.

But the goat always throws into the bush and at a time where he wants to refocus his professional career to the RRHH's, he has started this new challenge as General Director of Atesora Group.

Carmen Varo

Madrid Commercial Director
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From Córdoba and graduated in chemical sciences at Granada’s University. Once she ended her studies and after several jobs related to finances and business administration, Carmen started her professional career in Dell Computer, in which, throughout 14 years, she worked in several areas as Finances, Operations and Commercial. After this, she got focused on the expansion and development of Grupo Exceltia, working in the creation and consolidation of the Commercial team of the company.

Since her certification as an Executive Coach by ICF, Carmen started in Atesora Group as Commercial Director of Madrid, contributing from her experience to the expansion and development of the Group.

With a happy personality, a vitalist, music and art in general lover, she knows how to combine the playful side of life, with her professional day-to-day life, all with the same intensity and dedication that she practices with her family and in her private life.

In coaching she has found new values ​​and lines of action that allow her to develop an activity according to her own ideas on the evolution of team management in business development.

She puts her experience at the service of the commercial field, combining it with a permanent updating of her training, facilitated by her integration in Atesora Group.

Her work philosophy: "My real boss is the client".

Miguel Labrador

Director of Management Development
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“Success in life is only determined by the prism from which we to choose to look at it.”

“Apprentice of life" would be one of the attitudes that best defines him. Restless, curious and eager to learn from human experience, these are some of the main engines that have guided and propelled him in his career.

Graduated in Law from the Royal College Maria Cristina and in Business Administration and Management from (UCM). Master in Development Intervention and DBM (Developmental Behavioural Modelling) by the University of Valencia and Sensory Systems Training (UK). University Specialist in Skills Management and Experiential Learning in Organizations at the University of Alcala de Henares.

Miguel is a Certified Coach by the European School of Coaching and TISOC, a Master Practitioner in NLP (DBM) and Trainer in NLP, Epistemology of NLP and Modeling certified by the Institut Gestalt (Barcelona), Spanish Association of NLP and NLP Northwest (founding entity along with Richard Bandler of the Society of Neurolinguistic Programing). DBM® Modelling Coach certified by SCT Systemic Coach. Accredited in using Myers Briggss Typology Inventory (MBTI) and Master Person Analysis (MPA).

Specialist in implementing Mentoring processes in organizations and in the development of mentoring and coaching skills for managers. His respect for diversity, the "way of doing things" of his customers and their resources clearly defines his style of work in all his interventions.

During the last 12 years he has developed his career as a Consultant, Trainer and Executive Coach. He gathers more than 2,000 hours of experience in executive coaching processes both individually and in teams. As a consultant and trainer he has developed and taught programs in leadership, communication , NLP, Coaching , Team Work , Sales, Negotiation, Change Management and Strategic Planning, at various levels in Organizations (both middle management and Senior Leadership). Previously he held the position of Sales Manager in several companies in the cruise industry. Currently he is the Director of Development in Atesora.

Personally he loves music, playing the piano and discovering new cities exploring them on roller skates.

Iván Yglesias-Palomar

Business Development Manager
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I am a happy man, the father of a beautiful daughter and the middle child of three. I was born in the late sixties, despite the fact that this already places me in the second half of my life expectancy; it allowed me to live in first person a large number of important moments, both socially and personally.

I consider myself a versatile person. Without being a master of something in particular, anyone who knows me would describe me as an eternal apprentice of many disciplines. Music, astronomy, history, martial arts, graphic design... The world offers so many interesting things that I don´t understand how there can be people who do not know how to see them, and they focus their whole life on a single field or hobby.

Someone with so many open interests should navigate, as a natural consequence, an equally varied career. After following several roads that could have become my way of life, I listened to my intuition and I decided to dedicate myself to training others. For many years I simultaneously did my computer classes in the IT Systems department of a business School. That took me, after a long time, to management control, where I educated myself with the necessary processes which also enabled me to put structure and order in my life. And then...... I discovered coaching. The internal reorganization that I experienced during my certification process led me to change my priorities in life, and marked the most radical turning point in the long road previously travelled. It was then that I met my partner, and also when I decided to change the systems for people. I left the security of a well-paid job, that was somehow unsatisfactory and I plunged myself into the world to learn from people, with the sole baggage of my limited capacity and the enormous conceptual and moral support of my mentors.

And here I am, many years later, dedicating myself entirely to coaching. And I can boast that the only regret in my life is to not have started this journey many years earlier than I did.

Marga del Olmo

Business Development Director of CATALONIA
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Marga is a person with a multidisciplinary training and various interests, she considers herself as a world citizen that after the several peripli, decided to return to Barcelona.

Curiosity for almost everything, the ability to work in teams and the proximity in the treatment are her characteristic traits. Learn from human experience and get over challenges are the main engines that have driven and continue to guide her career.

She has developed the first 12 years of her professional experience in large multinational companies in the food industry, assuming management and direction responsibilities at the international level, in technical areas. Dynamic, enterprising and tenacious person, she dedicated the following years to create and manage her own companies in sectors such as fashion, hospitality, and distribution.

In 2.012 she decides to turn her professional career towards the launching of new projects around the people training and development as well as change management.

Nowadays, she is a PCC Executive Coach by ICF, Senior Learning Facilitator, and mentor of future coaches. Her main areas of professional performance are mentoring Programs, Emotional Intelligence development, and non-violence communication as well as individual and team coaching processes.

Ontological Certified Coach by Newfield Network and Team Coach by the European School of Coaching, she is also a Practitioner and Advisor in Emotional Intelligence by Six Seconds. Previously she graduated in Veterinary Medicine for the University Autonomous of Barcelona, specializing in the agro-alimentary industry, and has a Masters in Food biotechnology by the depart. of Chemical Engineering of the Polytechnical University of Catalonia.

She loves reading, traveling, speaking other languages and spending time with her beloved ones.

Cristina Cuevas

Executive Coach and Facilitator
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"When people grow, business grows"

Passionate about accompanying people in their growth, she discovered in coaching the fusion of skills and techniques more powerful to achieve it.

Positive, active and determined. She's happy to delve into new challenges.

A connection creator, she loves to share her time with family, friends and meet diverse people. If she can also do it in nature and on the move, she can't ask for more!

For her, life is continuous adaptation, collaboration and learning based on humility, experience and knowledge.

Her entire career has been linked to the Area of People in multinationals such as Hilti Española, Seur or Pages Amarillas and to business schools such as Udima, CEF or IKN as facilitator.

Human Resources Manager for more than 10 years, team leader and cross-cutting and innovative cultural change projects such as the shift to job flexibility, the digitization of the employee value proposition, the design, negotiation and implementation of the equality plan or the first internal executive coaching program for an entire management team.

PCC Coach by ICF and Organizational Psychologist (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). Specialized in executive, team coaching, systemic, agile and mentoring with various schools and approaches such as Lider-haz-go!, CORAOPS, EFIC, Realistic Coaching.

Certified in Master Person Analysis (MPA), PDA assessment, PDA 360, Sikkhona (teams), Canvas of Happiness (design thinking) and CPQ (creativity).

Degree in Labour Sciences (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid). Master in Human Resources Management (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

Driven by her purpose of life, she decided to start a new stage to dedicate herself fully to her passion, contribute to the growth of others, mainly in the executive field, teams, leaders and people who pursue a professional evolution.

She is currently Executive Coach and Facilitator at Atesora Group.

Lola Llames

Executive Coach
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After more than 15 years of professional experience in different areas of private companies, carrying out functions such as team's manager, Managing & Organization, in 2007 I started in the coaching world. Since then, I enjoy accompanying and training clients in their personal and professional development.

My initial training as a bachelor in Computer Science gives little information about what I would become today, but I think there are learnings that are not obtained from books or in college, and that is exactly what I have found in Coaching.

In my role as an ICF certified Coach PCC, I have accompanied a multitude of people of very different profiles, both in the executive environment and in the staff. I am also part of the Lider-haz-Go! School academic team as a facilitator of training processes, development and mentoring of new coaches, and at the same time, I design and facilitate new training programs oriented to the pursuit of professional effectiveness.

I am characterized by my analytical facet, my interest in people and respect for the values in which I have been educated. My friends qualify me as a "good hostess", and this is probably because I enjoy every moment of talk and I don't change a beer with them for anything in the world.

Jonathan Salinas

Corporate Design Manager
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With a history of more than four years devoted to training and employment, certified Coach by Leader - haz GO and Outplacement consultant. He is responsible for the care of people in the process of career transition and compiling and presenting the profiles to the job offers for the participants of the COACHPLACEMENT® programs. Thanks to his degree in Digital Design and Development he is supporting the needs of the process of creating the Personal Brand and Corporate Identity image in the creation of the company. Jonathan facilitates group workshops in the outplacement programs in online content for Professional Networking, Networking and Personal Brand, combined with the commercial activity of prospecting jobs by contacting sensitive companies under the corporate social responsibility.

Vanessa Peirotén

Office Manager
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Office Manager with over 15 years of experience.

She began her career as an Assistant to Senior Management in multinational and national Organisations in various sectors (Occupational Risk Prevention, Construction, Hospitality, Human Resources and Sales) supporting the management team and Vice-president.

Training in different disciplines (Programming, Administration and Human Resources), certified in Psychology and Law, certified coach by Leader-Haz -GO and initiated in Reiki.

She is currently working as Office Manager in Atesora, supporting the management team to deliver corporate programs of Development, Coaching and Outplacement, something that brings her happiness and fulfillment.

Ever since she was little, she was passionate for reading as she was dreaming of changing the world and helping people to be happy. She loves music, reading and travelling.

Our team is completed by a large group of Learning Facilitators, Executive Coaches and Consultants -all having a senior level- carefully selected , trained and aligned with the hallmarks of Atesora Group®, thus ensuring the consistency of all our interventions .

The companies of Atesora Group ®

International Mentoring School ® offers you a total solution to your mentoring needs having global coverage.

Our Effective Mentoring ® methodology will help you maximize your organizations Experiential Capital strategically and effectively. Because we understand that Talent Management is a strategic role, closely aligned to your business strategy, and it is effective because you need to measure the benefits for your organization, whether it is a private, public (education, health, etc.), association or any other type of organization.

EXCLUSIBITY ® is a service for Top Executives that is transforming the way managers develop their careers.

Instead of waiting to be found by an executive search agency-which is hired by an organization to fit you in a certain profile -your representative or Agent of Executive Talent reverses the process to support you in designing your career and find organization, position and remuneration package that fits your next jump. Proactively managing your career means increasing your chances of success by having a decisive competitive advantage. Your Representative provides you with the knowledge, advice, connections and insight into the environment of career management at the organizational level and further more they are fully motivated and aligned with your goals, because they work to achieve success.

Glocal Coaching ® offers the most complete range of quality executive coaching solutions, provided by a network of coaches with previous managerial experience, global coverage and local service.

Our rigorous selection process and continuous evaluation of coaches draws on the standards of quality coaching of the most prestigious international associations of this profession. Our purpose is to offer you the most robust value offer for quality coaching.

Learning for Results ® we accompany you in the process of deployment and effective development of soft skills that your employees and teams need in order to increase their results in a sustainable way.

We believe that the result you get is the inevitable consequence of the actions you take, and these are dependent on your behavior (attitudes and skills).

So all of our programs are geared - in its design and execution- methodology to facilitate change your behavior less effective with more effective, generating different actions and these, different results.

As we always design the program based on customer needs, we pay special attention to the precisely identify those, thing that enables us to design effective processes, including the three phases that ensure sustainable behavioral changes: 1) diagnosis, 2) design and implementation of group meetings (workshops) and 3) consolidation of learning in order to transform them into new habits, including measurement tools for behavioral changes.

COACHPLACEMENT ®. If you are one of those people who believe that all outplacement programs are identical or very similar, we invite you to visit the website of this company to see how the innovation introduced in the design, content and methodology is able to provide the effectiveness and the results that participants achieve.

When, you really know yourself, you will see how simple it is to lead your career effectively. Learn to turn this moment of discontinuity in your career in a big chance that you will end up thanking. Do not forget to take a look at our top program 90-60-90.



Some of the attributes that identify and differentiate us are:

Coaching Style

For those who are part of Atesora Group ®, coaching is not only a methodology to accompany professionals in search of a transformation that facilitates access to better results. It is a lifestyle, a way of feeling and behaving.

We are all certified coaches. Not only are the program facilitator’s coaches, but the entire team that forms Atesora. This ensures consistency between what we feel and how we work, while allowing full alignment between the different companies belonging to Atesora Group ® and with the partner networks with which we share our activity.


Productivity / Positivity

With few exceptions, the ultimate purpose for which a company is created is to generate profit. To obtain this, it is not only necessary to have efficient processes and mechanisms, but to align them with the team that manages and enables this.

Put the focus solely on the technical aspects of the company and on the cost figures, sales or profits (productivity ) is very tempting, because they are easy to measure, one can design mechanisms to facilitate their control, and also they relate directly and naturally with the main objective of the Organization. But it´s voluntarism to think that results will continue to be achieved in medium or long term if during the process you sacrifice the people that generate these results.

On the contrary, a management style focused solely on a good atmosphere and on the relationship between people (positivity) runs the risk of becoming inefficient, by losing the productive tension by avoiding a directive behavior in order not to damage the relationships. And this goes against the profits.

The balance between productivity and positivity has consequences that go beyond the sustainable benefits. It stimulates the sense of belonging, it promotes talent retention, it reduces rotation, it encourages commitment and responsibility and it serves as a model to other areas of the Organization. In other words, it combines the " know-how " with " want to do ".


Behavioral Change

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves.” - Alexei Tolstoi

In Atesora Group ®we support the idea that if you want to get a different result, you first need to change the actions or habits that lead you to that result; and this it will not be possible unless you change your behavior (skills and attitudes) before. This process is called behavioral change.

In other words, the result is no longer the focus of attention in order to become the natural consequence of your behavior change.

And that is the core competence of all the companies that form Atesora Group ®: achieving effectiveness through profound change in the people that generate it.


Measurement and credibility

Working with sensitivity, motivation, dreams and the behavior of human beings is for us the most stimulating challenge, for us it means to face a world of infinite subjectivity like the people that we accompany.

However, beyond the effect, certainly exciting and motivating that our interventions may have, the companies that hire our services need -and demand- to see behavioral changes reflected in their turnover .

For this they need to measure the results, and we help them by designing and using specific tools for monitoring and measuring the specific KPIs for each organization. This ensures effectiveness, meaning that the positive effect of the interventions is to be sustainable.



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